The Quick Mill Anita: The Best Bang for Your Buck

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Bottom Line Up Front


The Quick Mill Anita Semi-automatic Espresso Machine boasts commercial grade features in a compact, kitchen-friendly design.

Quickmill Anita Espresso Machine

This stainless steel espresso machine comes with several upgraded components including its heat exchange system that allows you to both steam and brew on demand. The extra large pull out drip tray ensures that there is plenty of room for flushing activities and minimizes emptying chores.


这种先进的浓缩咖啡机有一些回家of the same technical and mechanical features found in the brand’s commercial grade Andreja Premium model. However, the Anita is delivered in a more compact package that uses a water reserve instead of plumbing directly into a water source; making it a desirable option for some home users that aren’t next to a water source or who rent.

ANITA具有专业级的E-61 Grouphead,并具有内置的前输注功能。这台机器上随附的1,400瓦加热元件将商业级设备的功率包装到了这台简单的家庭友好机器中。

Best for home, office, small restaurant (output capacity of 20 Espressos per hour).


  • 商业质量E61组和1.6 L铜锅炉
  • Large 3L Water Tank, Hinged Lid, and Magnetic Water Level Sensor
  • Large Pull Out 50 Ounce Drip Tray
  • 独立的蒸汽棒(W/ 4孔尖端)和热水喷嘴
  • 52瓦乌尔卡泵
  • Large Electronic Indicator Lights
  • 1400 Watts of Heating Power


  • Height:15.75 inches 40.0 centimeters
  • 宽度:10.75 inches 27.3 centimeters
  • Depth:17.25 inches 43.8 centimeters
  • Weight:47 pounds 21.3 kilograms
  • Amps & Volts:15 Amps & 110 Volts USA/NA – 220 Volts Europe
  • Watts:1400瓦加热器



  • 大滴盘– The Anita features a large 50 oz drip tray.
  • 分开锅炉和酿造压力仪。
  • Slim Design– This unit consumes minimal counter space while fitting underneath most kitchen cabinets.
  • 最优质的材料和合身和完成– Made in Italy of premium stainless steel, the machine is backed by Quick Mill’s superb support for all of its models – keeping extra parts on hand for many years after a model has been discontinued.


  • Somewhat Noisy- 像所有配备振动泵的单元一样,泵也有些响亮。如果令人担忧的话,您将需要加强功能集和价格以找到装备的设备,并带有旋转泵。快速磨坊Vetrano旋转式,通过包括旋转泵(但价格更高)来解决此问题。
  • Slow to Warm Up From a Cold Start– Do to the stainless steel construction (46 lbs in total) and copper boiler, the machine takes 18-22 minutes to warm up to brew temperature when turned off.
  • Steam and Water Arms are NOT “No Burn”- 手臂具有沿特定区域施加的橡胶保护盖,以防止热量。如果用户触摸不受保护的区域,则可能会被烧毁。可以将“ No Burn”样式蒸汽臂作为可选的升级安装,但是购买新产品时,为什么不只是升级Andreja Premium或Vetrano Rotary已经拥有库存呢?

Comparison to Similar Products

The Anita features a larger drip tray than the Andreja Premium but unlike its more costly sibling, it is not able to be plumbed directly to water lines.

Techniques, Tips and Tricks

I find that a Digital Thermometer that screws directly into you group head to be very handy in dialing in a HX espresso machine during initial flushes. Also, an appliance timer can be used for turning the machine off and on to conserve energy.

Mike’s Detailed Review of the Quick Mill Anita

The Anita Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine by Quick Millis truly where the rubber starts to meet the road in the premium prosumer models.

安妮塔完全横跨十字路口是en entry level and the “dedicated espresso fan level” and is even excellent for light restaurant use (as if any espresso machine sold at such a high price point as this one can be called entry level in most circles).

Build Quality

This model features a sleek exterior, made from highly polished stainless steel. The stainless steel outer housing with removable cup warmer, and the device’s pull out drip tray are all made with ultra durable steel that gives this machine true lasting power. The Quick Mill line of home espresso machines has developed a longstanding reputation of excellence within the industry, and the Anita is no exception.

The #304 stainless steel used throughout the machine is highly resistant to both rust and acidic stains from beverages such as coffee and espresso; making it both durable and easy to clean and care for. The steam and hot water wands are also constructed of the same material. As always with Quick Mill products, the entire frame is made of steel and it is just not a thin covering utilized by some other brands.


Power Switches

Anita具有三个位置电源开关功能。该设备可以处于“ ON”位置,“ OFF”位置”,也可以位于“仅锅炉”位置。


On the front, there are two different pressure gauges. The first is for boiler pressure monitoring and the other is dedicated to the pump pressure. The boiler is mediated by a pressure controller. When this controller senses a drop in pressure; it reacts and turns on the device’s heating element. This easy monitoring of pressure gauges allows you to access precise information to time your shots for perfect extraction and flavor with every use.


Commercial Grade Boiler

The Quick Mill Anita comes standard with a large 1.6 liter copper boiler. This insulated boiling system is able to warm up in as little as twenty minutes but 45 minutes to an hour is better as the grouphead needs to reach thermal equilibrium for optimal operation.

The boiler also comes outfitted with a high-quality vacuum breaker that allows the machine to operate a timer without vapor lock. This means when a certain temperature level is reached, the machine will continuously brew at the same level throughout the day.



E61 Grouphead

在快速磨坊Anita上,您会发现包含的E61 grouphead。这是Faema在1960年代初发明的商业级设备,可在创建饮料时确保温度稳定性。

A dual pre-infusion system is built into all E61 based machines that presoaks the grinds just prior to brewing and assists with minimizing some channeling issues.




尽管为24/7操作设计,但一些用户喜欢打开和关闭机器以节省能源。任何大型盒子硬件或百货商店在$ 5到20的任何大型盒子硬件或百货商店都可以使用的设备计时器,可用于根据您的时间表为单位供电。


The Quick Mill Anita comes with an Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump with thermal overload protection. The overload protection helps to keep the pump operating at the proper rate and will protect against heat related damage.

The pump, like all vibratory units, can be a bit loud for some tastes but is quieter than the 41 watt models installed by other manufactures. If you require minimal noise, you may want look at rotary pump units such as the Quick Mill Vetrano Rotary, the Rocket Giotti Evoluzione V2 in the HX class of machines and many of the premium double boiler espresso machines are also fitted with rotary pumps.





The stainless steel covering of this tray leaves it immune to rusting and staining; meaning the drip tray will continue to maintain the same polished look as the rest of the machine. For cleaning chores, microfiber towels are dandy for keeping everything hygienic and sparkly.

Steam Wand and Hot Water Nozzle

Anita是定价最低的模型in Quick Mill’s line您会发现单独的蒸汽棒和热水臂。该机器的魔杖是用超耐用的不锈钢制成的,该钢将防止使用魔杖在使用时发生污渍或化妆品损伤。

A four holed .9 mm steam tip is included. This steaming device makes it easy to create common espresso based drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes.

The included hot water nozzle allows hot water to be available on demand. The nozzle has an easily accessible control knob and makes it simple to create popular beveragessuch as Café Americanos, tea or hot water.

Some users find that the knobs are a bit small for their hands. If you think that this may be the case for you, you may want to consider models that have optional joystick control levers for steaming and hot water dispensing such as the Quick Mill Andreja and the Quick Mill Vetrano Rotary.

3 Liter Water Tank with Hinged Lid and Magnetic Low Water Sensor



The 3 liter water reservoir provides an adequate amount of water for several days of brewing (dependent on usage) but as with any HX machine the flushing regime may empty your water quick than you would believe. If you feel this may be a concern for you, you may consider upgrading to the Quick Mill Andreja that has an optional direct plumbing kit that allows you hook directly into your water lines.

The Rocket Cellini Premium Plus还有火箭Giotti Evoluzione V2包括direct plumbing kits.

The Vetrano is also a direct plumbing machine (doesn’t feature a built in tank). A hinged lid is a feature on the newest models of the Anita and it makes it much more convenient to refill water.

Chrome Plated Brass Portafilters

Quick Mill Anita配备了一个单一和双重商业质量的黄铜Portafilter,上面覆盖了耐用的镀铬镀层。这些精心设计的Portafilters可以在制作浓缩咖啡饮料的同时进行超重要的温度稳定性。

但是,尤其是对于初学者而言,有一个无底的Portafilter看到引导问题很方便。Click here要了解有关无底门流流量及通道影响的更多信息。

As with all of the E61 type Heat Exchanger Models,a Digital Temperature Gauge which screws straight into your grouphead is an excellent option that enables you to swiftly dial in the right temperatures to ensure you will not devote allot of time as well as water to reach the correct temperature for your shots.


  • 浓缩咖啡性能
  • 拿铁性能
  • Build Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Warranty
  • 价值

This is a great machine that will serve you decades and given Quick Mill’s history of part support I doubt you’llneedto upgrade anytime soon.

像任何浓缩咖啡机一样一个好的毛刺研磨机是必需的along with fresh roasted coffee beans.

Quickmill Anita Espresso Machineavailable on Amazon

With commercial grade features and components,Quick Mill’s Anita is perfect for any home or officethat wants a high functioning yet compact espresso making device and doesn’t break the bank in costs.

Want to know more?阅读我们的浓缩咖啡机购买指南and our Guide to Semi-Automatics Models.

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