像秋天的苹果奶酪streusel Pie一样的层

有一个黄油壳。浓密而浓郁的奶油奶酪层。一堆加香料,嫩苹果。And a crunchy oat streusel topping.



Everyoneneeds to have a slice of this dessert.

Vertical image of a brown plate with a thick slice of pastry topped with an oat topping next to apples, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks.

A pie is to autumn whata candy cane是圣诞节 - 这是本季的自然本质。这是必需的!要求!假期的命脉!


带有肉桂棒的棕色盘子上的苹果奶油奶酪streusel Pie的垂直特写图像。


Enjoy not just one single layer ofcinnamon-covered苹果,但令人难忘的美味佳肴和质地,配以Foodal的苹果奶油奶酪streusel Pie的食谱!


A Frankensteinian combination of a超柔软的芝士蛋糕,,,,a classic apple pie, and水果崩溃或酥脆,存在这个混搭食谱以取悦所有口味。


Roll out your favorite黄油糕点面团食谱,让我们烘烤一些令人难以置信的秋天。

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Horizontal image of a brown plate with a slice of pastry with a crumble topping next to a cinnamon stick.

苹果奶酪streusel Pie

  • 作者:Nikki Cervone
  • 总时间:3小时40分钟
  • 屈服:19英寸派(8份)1X


有什么比苹果派更好吗?尝试这种肉桂苹果奶油奶酪streusel Pie,搭配美味的秋季口味。



For the Pie Crust:

  • 19-inch pie crust, unbaked
  • 通用面粉,用于除尘


  • 8ounces奶油奶酪,室温
  • 1/4杯granulated sugar
  • 1large egg
  • 1/2 teaspoonvanilla extract

For the Apple Layer:

  • 7 cupspeeled and thinly sliced apples (about4-6medium apples)
  • 1/2 cupgranulated sugar
  • 3汤匙all-purpose flour
  • 1茶匙地面肉桂

For the Streusel Topping:

  • 1/2 cup轻填充浅红糖
  • 1/2 cup老式的燕麦
  • 1汤匙all-purpose flour
  • 1茶匙地面肉桂
  • 1/4茶匙
  • 1/2 cup((1stick) unsalted butter, cut into cubes and slightly softened



  1. 滚出面团,直到比未润滑的9英寸锅大一点,在周围额外滚动1/2英寸的面团。使用面粉来防止滚动时地壳粘住。转移到锅的底部,然后向下按下底部和侧面。在边缘周围折叠任何多余的面团,然后将面团在锅周围围绕着。
  2. 在组装馅料和浇头的同时,将馅饼壳放在冰箱中冷却约30分钟。
  3. 将烤箱预热至375°F。

To Prepare the Fillings and Topping:

  1. 在装有桨叶附件或手持式搅拌机的立式搅拌机中,将奶油奶酪和糖混合在一起。打在鸡蛋和香草中,直到蓬松。搁置。
  2. 在一个单独的中等碗中,将苹果层的成分结合在一起。搁置。
  3. 在一个单独的小碗中,将成分混合在一起,以均匀地搭配用手指捣碎和散布黄油块,使混合物相当均匀,就像沙子的质地一样。搁置。

To Assemble and Bake:

  1. Remove the crust from freezer. Place a piece of parchment paper or aluminum foil that is slightly bigger than the pan on top of the crust and fill with dried beans or pie weights. Blind bake the crust for 25 minutes. Remove the weights and parchment paper and bake for an additional 5 minutes.
  2. 从烤箱中取出外壳,然后将温度降低至350°F。
  3. Spread the cream cheese layer on the bottom of the crust. Place the apples on top, spreading them out evenly. Sprinkle the apples evenly with the streusel topping.
  4. Bake for 45-60 minutes, until the streusel is golden on top and the mixture is bubbling.
  5. Remove from the oven and let the cool for 1 hour on a wire rack. Serve at room temperature, or store in the fridge until ready to eat. Serve chilled or warm.
  • 准备时间:1hour, 30 minutes
  • Cook Time:1hour, 10 minutes
  • 类别:馅饼
  • 方法:烘烤
  • 美食:Dessert

关键字:apple, streusel, cream cheese, pie, apple pie


Step 1 – Prep the Crust

Horizontal image of an empty pie shell with rolled out dough next to apples, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks.



Transfer the round to the bottom of the pan, and press down on the bottom and sides. Fold in any excess dough around the edge and flute the dough all around the circumference of the pan. You canread more about perfecting your pie game and mastering the daunting crust here


组装剩余的层时,将锅放在冰箱中至少30分钟 - 您需要该黄油再次牢固!寒冷,坚固的面团将更好地保持其形状,并且在烘烤过程中不会收缩。

步骤2 - 制作奶油奶酪层

水平图像光一点点白色的碗e mixture next to apples and pine cones.


在立式搅拌机中装有桨附件,或with a handheld mixer,搅拌奶油奶酪和糖,直到完全光滑并略带蓬松。

您需要混合,直到没有剩余的奶油奶酪团块 - 您想要光滑的混合物,只是像芝士蛋糕。Starting with room temperature cream cheese will help you to achieve the smoothest mixture possible.

打在鸡蛋中vanilla extractjust until combined. Set aside.

Step 3 – Make the Apple Layer

Horizontal image of a big bowl with sliced and spiced apples next to whole fruit and pine cones.

剥皮,切割和稀薄切片约4至6tart apples,根据它们的尺寸,可以产生约7杯。您可能只想将切割的水果与一点柠檬汁to prevent excessive browning.

在一个大碗中,将苹果混合在一起,granulated sugar,,,,all-purpose flour, 和地面肉桂。搁置。

步骤4 - 制作streusel层


在一个单独的小碗中,将成分结合起无盐的黄油块evenly with your fingers so that the mixture is fairly uniform, with a texture like lumpy, clumpy sand.

You don’t want the butter to be too cold – it will take forever to make the crumble with solid butter cubes.

Conversely, you don’t want the butter to be too soft, either – melted butter will make a thick dough, rather than a crumbly topping.

As long as the butter sits at room temperature for about 10 minutes or so after you take it out of the refrigerator, you’re golden.

Step 5 – Blind Bake Crust

Horizontal image of blind baking a crust using foil and beans.

Blind baking the crust will eliminate the risk of a soggy bottom! It gives the crust a good head start before adding the filling, to ensure the bottom will be crisp, buttery, and flaky.


盲烤面包皮25分钟。小心地取下重物和羊皮纸(提起纸 - 这些重量很热!),再烘烤5分钟,直到浅金黄色。

烤全馅饼会吓到你一点吗?如果您不想越过那座桥,请使用我们的有趣技术make hand pies

Step 6 – Assemble

Remove the crust from the oven and let cool for 15 minutes before layering the fillings.

Horizontal image of a partially baked crust topped with sliced and seasoned fruit.


步骤7 - 烘烤

Horizontal image of a baked streusel pie next to whole fruit.



步骤8 - 冷却并食用





Horizontal image of a brown plate with a slice of pastry with a crumble topping next to a cinnamon stick.


将其冷藏或温暖在烤箱中 - 就像您最喜欢的毛衣天气层一样,它非常多功能!

Does this beat the classic apple recipe, or a经典的法国苹果蛋or片状纹状体?您更喜欢Streusel,而不是糕点上皮?在下面的评论部分与我交谈 - 我很想听听您的来信!

Formore pie ideas有了大量的苹果,我们有一些好东西:

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AboutNikki Cervone

Nikki Cervone is a full-time cheesemonger and specialty foods buyer living in Pittsburgh. Nikki holds an AAS in baking/pastry from Westmoreland County Community College, a BA in Communications from Duquesne University, and an MLA in Gastronomy from Boston University. When she's not nibbling on her favorite cheeses or testing a batch of cupcakes, Nikki enjoys a healthy dose of yoga, wine, hiking, singing in the shower, and chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

13thoughts on “Layer Like It’s Fall with Apple Cream Cheese Streusel Pie”

  1. 哦,我多么喜欢这个派的声音!我全力以赴在任何其他浇头上馅料浇头,而奶油奶酪层真是个好主意!最近,我向妈妈介绍了吃馅饼,鞋垫或水果薯片的想法,加上一汤匙奶油奶酪(未加糖) - 这是非常酸味而又酸的又酸奶和奶油奶油奶酪搭配煮熟的水果(我最喜欢的?半杏子?和半桃)。我还没有尝试使用苹果,但是看完您的帖子后,这听起来像是一种获胜的组合。美丽的图片!

  2. 我完全理解你为什么喜欢这个馅饼,这太漂亮了!看起来很美味...
    Can’t wait to make apple pies and add streusel like yours!!

  3. 我通常不会发表评论,但是上周末我做了这个馅饼(带蜂蜜酥脆的苹果),事实证明,很好 - 我不得不说谢谢!这是一个很棒的食谱,我将一遍又一遍地做到!今年,它甚至在我们的感恩节桌子上赢得了一席之地(以及您用Kabocha南瓜制成的南瓜派食谱)。

  4. 我开始感觉到那些秋天的叮当声,现在是时候开始考虑这样的苹果派了。我喜欢添加奶油奶酪的想法。

  5. 看起来很棒。馅料似乎要求太多黄油。看起来像土豆泥。所以我用一半的黄油对其进行了重新布置,结果很好




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