Vitamix S55:专业结果的个人搅拌器

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Vitamix is one of the best blender brands. You know you want one, but you’re torn between models. The struggle is real; how does one choose?

If you’re at a crossroads, keep reading to see if the Vitamix S55 S-Series personal blender is the right investment for you.

Front view of a Vitamix S55 Personal Blender with a medium blue background with back lighting. Rim lightly accents the hopper.


How do the professionals do it? I’m here to tell you those gorgeous, creamy, Instagram-perfect smoothies come from quality blenders like this one.

Vitamix S55 Personal Blender with hopper and to-go cup on a white isolated background.

S55 Personal Blender available directly from Vitamix

At a Glance


  • Top shelf dishwasher safe
  • 20-ounce personal blending cup
  • 40盎司混合容器
  • Variable speed dial
  • 4个编程速度设置
  • Fits comfortably in most cabinets
  • 5-Year full warranty


  • 有点大声(但不要过分)
  • Tamper is needed in some cases

Vitamix is a terrific brand with an incredible reputation. Ever since the company appeared in the mid-twentieth century, it has upheld promoting whole foods and health as its core values.

Throughout the decades, the company has engineered their machines to be more versatile, and durable enough to pass down from generation to generation. Seriously.

With that, let’s check out exactly what makes this blender the best.

Everything Tastes Better

Vitamix需要食物搭配和混合他们我nto incredibly smooth concoctions. The stainless steel blades are powered by 7 amps to completely pulverize foods into beautiful, homogeneous blends.

The natural sweetness of the produce is accentuated, and the fibers are broken down. Less than favorable bitter flavors, which often discourage many healthy eaters who are new to the green smoothie game, are lessened or neutralized while naturally sweet ingredients shine through.



The Vitamix S55 is designed so you don’t under-do or overdo a blend (unless you want to, of course). The control panel has a control knob that works both as the dial indicator and the ‘push to start’ button.

Closeup of the Vitamix S55 control panel.


What are “Power Blends,” you ask? Vitamix recommends this setting for creating a smooth mixture out of tougher textured and otherwise difficult ingredients that other blenders struggle to process, like thick leafy greens (with their stems), firm vegetables like roots, and protein powder.

You can also take the reins and blend to your own preference with the variable speed settings along the right side of the control knob.


It’s for More Than Just Smoothies

Time and time again, users find themselves turning to the Vitamix to make so much more than just smoothies. You will love the versatility that’s on offer, and this is one appliance that won’t be left gathering dust at the back of the cabinet.


Smooth and creamy small-batch soups are another delicious option, just be sure to take the proper precautions and don’t add steaming-hot ingredients to the blender, since burns are a real risk.

This Time, It’s Personal

The Vitamix S55 is such a hit not only because ofits relatively low price tag(for a Vitamix – please be warned that you might want to be sitting down, as these are still at the higher range for this product category), but because it’s personal sized.

The 20-ounce personal blending container includes a no-spill lid, so you can make your smoothies to go in the same container. The lid also doubles as a great pouring spout for homemade dressings and sauces.

A closeup of a Vitamix S55 20-ounce to-go cup with a white and blue wooden background.


Now, it’s not all roses. There is a bit of a thorn. Some users complain that chunks of food, ice, or powder may clump at the bottom of the container, or gunk up the area under the blades.

The good news is this is really the only complaint you’ll see about the S55, and doesn’t happen frequently if you follow the included directions for use and cleaning. The bad news is that it’s a significant complaint reported by enough people that buyers should be aware of the possibility going in.



In this case, more is better. In addition to the personal sized travel blender cup, the Vitamix S55 includes a 40-ounce blender container as well, like you’d expect to see on an a full-sized model.

在中等蓝色背景的Vitamix S55底座上发现的40盎司传统搅拌机容器。

This makes it possible to double up recipes, puree soups, make bread dough, and more. Yeah, it mixes dough!

The 40-ounce container includes a two-part vented lid to add ingredients gradually, or allow steam to escape while blending hot ingredients.

Vitamix S55个人搅拌器容器底部的刀片特写。

Including two containers with this motor base has a few benefits.

例如,认为食物过敏。当一个或两个members of a bigger family have them, it’s nice to be able to avoid cross contamination without having to thoroughly wash all of the components between each use.

It only comes with one blade though, so you will still need to wash that between uses if this is a concern in your household.

做一顿大餐,搭配混合酱anda salad dressing? Give the blade a quick rinse, pop on the second canister, and you’re ready to go without any need for dish duty in between. And if you’re ready to blend up breakfast but one of the containers is in the dishwasher, no problem – just pull out the other one.


I mentioned above that both containers are made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan® plastic. A lot of people are surprised – nay, disappointed – to discover the blender canisters aren’t made of glass. Don’t be sad, this is a good thing!

I, too, prefer glass containers for food storage. However, for appliances, I like plastic. BPA-free plastic for blenders and food processors means the unit is exceptionally lighter. It’s much easier to move between cabinet and counter, not to mention it makes pouring from the containers more manageable. And you’ll have a tough time breaking these containers as well.

Don’t Fear the Blender


In it you’ll find 250 recipes to make in the S55, from Barley and Corn Salad to Cashew Cream, and Fall Flavors Ravioli to Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins with Raisins. When you’re thinking of blender meals, ravioli probably isn’t high on the list of things that come to mind, right? Vitamix definitely wants you to get the most out of this fine long-lasting, appliance.

Live the Life You Want

One of the things users love the most about this Vitamix is how it enables us to eat how we want to eat.


I fully depend on reliable kitchen appliances such asmy food processor,浸入式搅拌器,以及countertop blender. These gadgets help me to make flavorful food combinations I can enjoy, and that won’t make me sick, with fresh, whole ingredients.

Others who have nut allergies, a gluten intolerance, or who partake in alternative dietary lifestyles love this powerful little blender. It blends amazing juices full of fiber, mixes batters for gluten-free pancakes in seconds, and can churn out salt-free almond butter in only a few minutes. This appliance is also ideal for vegan, low-sugar, and raw food diets. Plus, there’s no need for added preservatives and artificial colors or flavorings when you go homemade.

Dimensions and Specs

The dimensions with the 20-ounce travel cup installed on the base are 8.3 x 5.9 x 14.6 inches, and with 40-ounce container it measures 8.3 x 5.9 x 15.7 inches.


The electrical rating is 120 volts, 50/60 hertz, and 7 amps, all powered by a 3-pronged, grounded, 4-foot electrical cord. The motor base includes a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system to keep the unit from overheating.

What’s Included:

  • Motor base
  • 20盎司。带盖的容器
  • 40 oz. container with 2-part vented lid
  • S-Series Blade Base
  • 食谱
  • 低矮的篡改
  • User Manual

Vitamix includes a 5-year full warranty on the S-Series, so be certain to register your product. It covers parts, performance, labor, and two-way shipping so you don’t have to foot the bill if you have any issues. Everything ismade and repaired in the USA!

Care and Cleaning

My favorite part of any appliance: this is top shelf dishwasher safe! When you’re done with the base blade, remove it and rinse the threads so a buildup of food particles doesn’t accumulate.

The motor base only needs to be wiped down with a damp cloth as needed. Naturally, unplug it before cleaning, and immediately dry and polish with a cloth when you’re finished.


Techniques, Tips, and Tricks


The best technique to use this product is to ensure that the seal is snugly in place on the blade base. Make certain the container screws on until it’s just tight, and don’t overtighten it. While it seems counterintuitive, overtightening can cause the blender to leak. I know, weird.


I didn’t realize I was blendingso错误的很长一段时间,在回顾这马nual, things make so much more sense now. It helps to know what order to add your ingredients in for the best possible results! Of course, whatever you layer, don’t fill your canister past about 2/3 full, which you can eyeball.

A tip is to use cubed ice. This might seem like a strange recommendation, but ice cubes will actually blend better in the Vitamix than crushed ice. The manufacturer has found the extra weight helps to push the other ingredients down towards the blades. It’s so easy!

If the natural weight of the ingredients doesn’t push the food down towards the blades, use the tamper. The low-profile tamper is modeled to precise dimensions to reach into the pitcher just above the blades (hence the “low-profile”). I use mine to push crushed cashews into the blades for nut butter.

One final trick: When making soup, don’t use raw produce. Steam 1-inch pieces of produce first in the microwave, and then add the ingredients and cooking liquid to the blender. That may seem like more work, but this process takes way less time than boiling on the stove. Now I get creamy sweet potato soup in less than 10 minutes with the microwave instead of over 20 minutes on the stovetop, so this trick is a thing.

Pro-tip: Don’t put the Vitamix containers in the microwave! These are not microwave safe. Vegetables may either be cooked in a separate microwave-safe dish, on the stovetop, or roasted in the oven for a fuller depth of flavor, then added to the blender.

Compare and Contrast: Vitamix S55 vs. Breville Boss To Go

If you’re loving what you’re seeing here but are thinking the full blender functionality is more than you’re looking for, check out the Breville Boss To Go. At a significantly lower price point, the Boss To Go replaces the 40-ounce and 20-ounce containers with lids with two 16-ounce and one 23-ounce BPA-free Eastman Tritan tumblers, plus two travel lids.

Breville Boss To Go Plus Personal Blenderavailable on Amazon

Rather than offering multiple program and speed settings, this competitor is an easy to use model of the push and blend variety that turns out wonderful smoothies. Breville always provides quality products and we’re big fans of them here at Foodal.阅读我们对老板的完整评论看看是否更速度。

Of course, if you want to stick with Vitamix at a more competitive price, there is always the S55’s little sister, the S Series S35.查看我们的评论of this magnificent little machine.


For a bare bones Vitamix blender, take a look atthe entry level S-Series space saving blender, the S30.

Vitamix S30个人搅拌器,配有20盎司杯子和40盎司的投手,在白色,孤立的背景上。

S30 Personal Blender available from Vitamix

This blender also includes the 40-ounce blending container and 20-ounce travel container, without the 4 programmed settings. It does include 10 variable speed options, similar to the S55.查看我们的评论of the Vitamix S30.

Foodal的Vitamix S55评级

  • Power
  • 表现
  • 设置
  • Build Quality
  • Warranty
  • Future Proofing
  • Value


One of the most powerful personal blenders on the market, the Vitamix S55 can power through ingredients like a premium full-sized blender, and blend up your morning smoothies with ease. And it takes up a smaller footprint, making it ideal for apartment and condo living. Vitamix is also well-known for keeping a stock of parts available for older models decades after they have been discontinued... so this small appliance will likely last you decades. It's pricey but worth it – the VALUE is there.



Before You Go…

This little countertop appliance is a great addition to any kitchen. If you’re looking to get your feet wet in the realm of high-end blenders, this is the place to start.

它的耐用基础,两个容器和四个编程设置为合适的价格提供了如此多的价值。另外,我对洗碗机安全有多爱?Vitamix S55非常易于使用,很难对此说任何不好的话。

Vitamix Professional 750 White Background - Oblique View

Get more information and pricing on

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