How to Break Down Whole Chicken Wings, The Easy Way

While there is really nothing wrong with serving them up whole, I’ve found that when you are making wings, most people usually prefer to see them in smaller sections.


I don’t know about you, but I think wings are a must for all比赛日聚会或者party appetizer传播。一块多汁的鸡肉在里面嫩,外面酥脆。它们完全上瘾,您可以根据需要将它们更改。


No matter how you plan to prepare them, whether you bought them whole intentionally or maybe picked up a package of the whole variety at the store by accident, the first thing you need to know is how to break down a whole chicken wing.


Vertical image of one whole raw chicken wing on a white cutting board.


And here’s a secret: this is really a simple kitchen task that isn’t very difficult to do yourself.



Once you break the poultry down, you have to decide how you want to prepare it. I like to choose a sauce or flavor profile first. You can go withtraditional buffalo sauce, or尝试干擦if you want to shake things up.


I recently discovered the wonders of Jamaican jerk seasoning as a marinade for poultry, and it’s downright magical.

After that, it’s time to choose a cooking method. There are a handful of basic ways that you can cook these.

My personal最喜欢的是烤。您的外面会得到一个不错的炭,但内部却保持多汁而嫩。

Other options are baking, frying, cooking themin a slow cooker, or smoking them.





To thaw them, simply stash the bag in your refrigerator overnight. You can alsodefrost them in the microwaveif you need them to thaw in a hurry.

Be sure that your kitchen shears are很好,锋利在您开始分解家禽之前。你也可以使用厨师的刀如果您没有厨房剪。

如果您很高兴能超越和超越并分解整只鸟,we have a guide for that too


How to Break Down Whole Chicken Wings

步骤1 - 找到关节


First, use your fingers to find the joints between the wingette (sometimes called the flat), drumette (the part that looks like a little drumstick), and the tip (the pointed, protruding part on the end, sometimes referred to as a flapper).

This is easily done by wiggling the wing. You’ll be able to see right where the pieces connect, in two places. Where the meat moves at the joint is where you will need to cut it.

Step 2 – Cut Between the Joints

水平的形象kitchen shears breaking down a whole raw poultry wing.

使用一双厨房剪切to carefully but firmly snip through the center of each joint, leaving you with three parts – the drumette, the wingette, and the tip.


水平的形象kitchen shears breaking down a raw wing at the joints.

用手指在任何松散的骨头碎片上感觉到,如果找到它们,请将其扔掉。为了安全起见,您可以在调味之前快速冲洗鸡肉,并记住在完成后清洁和消毒厨房水槽,以及19461946伟德 并切割您用来准备家禽的工具。

水平的形象kitchen shears next to a broken down poultry wing.

Did one get away from you, and you accidentally dropped it on the floor? Don’t panic!我们有一些建议在该部门。

Just a little familiarity with chicken anatomy and some swift cuts are all that’s needed for your poultry parts to be ready to sauce and smoke, or rub and roast.

Flavor-ify and fry? I’m getting a little loopy here, but you know what I mean…

Favorite Recipe Suggestions

水平的形象raw poultry parts neatly arranged in rows on a white cutting board.

What’s your favorite type of chicken wing? Here are some of our favorite recipes to enjoy those perfectly butchered pieces of poultry:

  • 摩洛哥柠檬– The blend of spices in the marinade for these is delightful, with pungent garlic and tart fresh lemon.
  • Italian-Style– For a tasty twist on your favorite snack, try these. Flavored with a hefty dose of garlic, they are herb marinated and covered in Parmesan. What could be better than that?
  • 辛辣的- 如果您希望使事情变得简单,那么这个辛辣版本总是可以解决问题。凭借轻松的腌料,他们确实以最好的方式打包。
  • 牙买加混蛋– These are savory with a hit of acid from the citrus juices in the marinade. And with smoked paprika, thyme, allspice, nutmeg, cinnamon, cayenne, bay leaves, salt, and pepper, you get a little bit of everything.

How will you cook your home-butchered poultry? Tell us in the comments below!

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